Pastor Kevin’s message entitled “Seeing Clearly” stresses the importance of a true conversion and laying down things that keep us chained to the old life and nature. It may be habits, possessions, or even people who have become hindrances in our progress to the next place God has for us. If we keep looking back we will never be able to see the future; we will always be chained to the past. Pastor Kevin gave the example of Peter who was led into prison and put in chains for the sake of the gospel. When the angel appeared to free him, the angel had the key to the doors of the prison and could lead the way out. But it was Peter who had to shake off the chains and follow the angel to freedom. Though he faced a death sentence in prison he walked out to liberty and a powerful testimony of deliverance. In the same way we must be willing to walk away from our spiritual bondages and shake off the chains of the past on our way out. Only when we get out of prison will we see that God’s opportunities on the outside are greater than we could ever imagine!