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Worship Time

The church today looks at “worship time” as a time to sit and listen to a choir or band play songs that invite God in to see if He will “come down” into the service and bless them.  I truly believe God wants to bless us, but I feel very strongly that God made His final act of “coming down” on the Day of Pentecost when He sent down His Spirit upon those who were ready to receive this gift.  From that time until now, what they received on that day was to be expressed “up and out” of every believer.  In Luke 17:21, Jesus said, “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  What He was saying at that point and time was that the kingdom was among them by His very presence in the earth.  When He sent His Spirit to live in each and every believer, we now have the kingdom “within” us, and we have been given the grace to express that everywhere we go.

In dealing with the subject of worship, that particular experience is now an opportunity for us to release into the atmosphere the reality of that kingdom through our time of thanksgiving.  It takes me back to the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:6-7) when there was no rain that watered the ground; but God made a mist come “up and out” of the ground to water it.  When we are in an atmosphere of true kingdom worship, it is not about God “coming down” anymore to see about His people.  It is about God’s people expressing the reality of the “spring” that is on the inside of them that comes “up and out” of their “ground,” and what they feel, or experience, is coming from the ground.  The most amazing thing about this reality is that not everyone who comes and participates in the worship time realizes the spring they may have, but they are still part of the ground.  If they are sitting next to a kingdom worshipper or in a kingdom atmosphere, they are going to get wet.  So let’s go forward with fresh understanding of our role during worship time, and allow the sweet smelling aroma from our hearts to be captured by the nostrils of our God.

-Michael Owens

Thy Kingdom Come

In Galatians 5:25 it says, “If we live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit.”  What does this mean and what are the practical applications for us to do so?  In the beginning, the triune Godhead said to let us make man in our image.  The Godhead created mankind as spirit, soul, and body.  God breathed His spirit life into a created human body, and a living soul was formed.  Before Adam fell, all was in order.  His spirit was alive toward God and his soul and body were in submission to his spirit.  After Adam’s temptation and fall, his spirit became dead to walking with God and communing with Him, spirit to spirit.  Adam’s soul life took domination and his physical body began to die.  When Jesus came into the earth and fulfilled the law and the prophets, he subsequently took upon himself, on the cross, the sins and sin nature of humanity, removing the hand writings and ordinances that were against us, grounding them out and nailing them to the cross.  Now, with the drawing of the Holy Spirit, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our spirit man is made alive, or regenerated back to its original intent.  It’s alive and able to communicate with God, spirit to spirit.  When Jesus said it was finished on the cross, the Father tore the veil in the temple from top to bottom, signaling that the way into the holy of holies, or spirit realm was open.  The problem we still have to contend with is the soul of man and body that is not yet regenerated like unto the spirit.  But did God only save one third of us, or was the blood of Jesus and the new covenant sufficient to save our souls and redeem our bodies also?  Didn’t the Lord say in the scriptures that we are to be perfect as He is perfect?  And that we are to grow up into Him all aspects, and we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and that we are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh; for in Him we live and move and have our being.  If the Lord stated it in His word, then there must be the sufficiency to do so.  So, where are we missing it and having so many problems and unanswered prayers?  In Hebrews 5:14 it states that having our senses exercised we may discern between truth and error.  What senses is the writer talking about?  In our regenerated human spirit, we have all the senses of our outer man, including a communion faculty, an intuition faculty, and a conscious faculty.  The communion faculty allows us to speak to God, such as praying in the spirit with the tongues of men and angels.  The intuition faculty allows us to hear the voice of God.  And finally, the conscious faculty discerns the origin source of all spirit thought.  These faculties must be exercised and trained to properly walk in the spirit where Jesus lives, moves, and has His being.  Then, as we correctly come to where He is and abide in Him, He will author and finish His own faith substance in us.  Then we will ask what He wills and it shall be done unto us. In my next blog we will examine the faculties of the human soul and body, including a faculty called the hidden man of the heart and look into certain scriptures that tell us how to successfully learn to walk in the spirit.  God Bless!

-John McDaniel


KWM Newsletter April!

Greetings! Welcome to the KWM Newsletter! We’re extremely excited about the direction in which God is leading and moving us in this amazing season. We’re hoping this newsletter will serve to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on in our ministry as well as other ministries connected to KWM, so check your mailbox!  We will probably pop in from time to time. First of all, we want to tell you about all the incredible media opportunities that have picked up KWM!  Listed below are the outlets you can hear all the different shows that KWM produces:

WALKFM 91.1-         Real Life with Kevin West-7AM & 3PM

IGNITE 92.3 -            Real Life with Kevin West-12PM, 3PM, 7PM;  Real Life Radio-M-F 5:45PM-6PM

WEMM 107.9-           Real Life Radio-M-F 10AM-10:15AM; Real Life with Kevin West- 5:55AM & 6:55PM;  Real Life Radio-10AM

DAWG 93.7-              Sundays

SuperTALK 94.1        Morning Shift-9AM-10AM

Download SuperTALK on your mobile device!

All of the media outlets above have opened up multiple ministry doors for our team to minister in these different cities. We constantly receive calls about how these shows are encouraging people and changing their lives – real changes in lives that may have never experienced the power of the gospel or heard the good news.

Next, we want to tell you all about the increased demand for “The Awakening.” If you have been to one of these services in Huntington, you will understand that these events are impacting the area and creating a stir in the atmosphere, so much so that we have been meeting and planning with other visionaries, not only holding more of them in the city of Huntington, but also in Ironton, Louisa, Prestonsburg, and even down into parts of North Carolina! We will keep everyone updated regarding times and locations through the newsletter and website (  Right now, the next “Awakening” events are April 4th & 26th  7PM at the WOWK Building (Kindred Capital Building).  Mark your calendar.  We’d love to see you at these services!

Finally, we want to share what has happened and outline where we’re going.  We are actively pressing these matters in prayer and walking them out with wisdom. My tenure as executive pastor at Christ Temple Church has just now come to an end.  What a wonderful season it has been.  Because the ministry opportunities I had been receiving from different people and places were quickly overwhelming my duties in my role at CTC,  Pastor Chuck and I decided it would be best for me to launch out into the ministry  wholeheartedly with their prayers and support!  As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited about this new season.

We have been meeting with those who share our vision and receiving wise counsel about the direction of our ministry network. We’ve been entrusted with a wellspring of knowledge, connections, and vision that we do not want to take lightly, but actively pursue what God is speaking into us. We ask you to join with us in prayer as we begin framing and defining the next step of this journey God is awakening within us. This summer is going to be quite busy, launching new productions with a new frame of mind, to prepare for what we hear God is telling us to launch into, in the fall of 2013.  We intend to keep everyone updated and clear on this new direction and the exciting awakening God has placed within us. We can’t deny the amazing favor and anointing he has placed on our lives, and we are driven daily to unlock the destiny that lies in every single individual we come in contact with.

So listen.  Come!  Interact with us on the web.  Be awakened to what God is doing in the atmosphere in this new season with us!

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Kevin West

Outside the Tent

Has anyone else been watching the new series “The Bible,” on the History channel?  Last week, we watched Abraham, the leader of his own small tribe and family go out from among his larger group of families and tribes when he heard the voice of God.  In a brutal, uncertain culture, the voice of clarity coming from the maker of the Heavens and Earth had chosen this man, Abraham, our father of faith, and made a promise that, from him, would come many nations and children as numerous as the stars.

  Yes, that was the beginning for the Jews, God’s “favorite people,” according to the story.  It’s the beginning of our story, too.  Abraham is our father of faith.  And we, even more than the Hebrew people, are the descendants of Abraham in spirit.  God has written His promises and new covenant on our heart, and we live in fellowship with Him through faith, just as Abraham did before the written law was given to Moses.

  In Hebrews 11, Paul reminds us that Abraham left, seeking a place where the foundation of the city was built and made by God.   What would such a place look like?  Would it be Phoenician in architecture?  Would it be like the Hittites’ homes?  Certainly not.  Abraham didn’t know.  He only knew that he was going into the unknown, looking for something he’d never seen before – but once he arrived, he would know it would be from his God – the One God, whom he served.

  There is a divine calling within each of us that mirrors our faith father,  Abraham, and he received this desire from His Father and maker, the One God.  We are driven to create something new and inspired by God in an unknown place where no men have ever gone before.  Think of the possibilities!  Our souls cry out for the glory of achieving something supernatural that can only be inspired from and felt by the power of God.  We long to bravely go into this unknown place with the only One who can take us there, and the rewards are gloriously entwined in deep intimacy with Him – trusting Him, letting Him lead us, building and creating to His specifications, one piece at a time.

  We will never be satisfied, truly, with the results of the church today if we continue to just do the same thing the same way we’ve always done.  We're kidding ourselves if we even think it smells, tastes, or feels like what we've experienced before.  We won't get to this new place in Him – the place He’s calling us to – if we’re sure that we know all the answers all by ourselves and can even compare it to what "has been."  He WILL call each of us out of our comfort zones to bring forth the kingdom of God, whose foundation and builder is God Himself, because we are created for nothing less.  It is our destiny, as children of Abraham.

  The next time you are challenged to think beyond what you have already learned, what you think is “safe doctrine,” or “fundamental ways” of “doing church,” remember your faith father, Abraham.  The seasons of change are blowing across the church in the world today, and we can choose to remain in our tents or listen closely to the voice of the One leading us.  It has never been more important to hear and to know where God is going today, because it is definitely somewhere other than where we are right now.

Grace Strategies for the War on Marriage

There’s an excitement building in our congregation as we step into a new season of a release into intimacy – in our marriages, between covenant partners – and with our Father. It has come on the heels of a difficult time watching a few couples in our congregation lose the war waged by the enemy on marriage, and they have divorced.  In times like these, watching people and families we love be torn apart, it’s impossible not to also be personally affected. Women wonder, “Could that happen to me?”  Men ask within themselves, “Would she stay if that happened to us?” It filters through the whole body, in fact, and as a coldness in the air sets in, we feel a stirring to rise up and answer the challenge by bringing forth our own standard in this battle.

It’s so easy to regurgitate the list of sins these couples are committing. Any upstanding church member can recite the verses in Ephesians - our treatise on marriage. Surely that should dissect what’s wrong in any given situation. As pastors and counselors, we cling to our roles and processes – Well, she’s in church and he isn’t, or he’s got an addiction and she’s got a spending habit.  Or maybe he’s too harsh, and she’s not respecting his authority.  We give them bible verses, pray, and send them on their way until the appointments eventually trickle down to unanswered phone calls and we finally find out it’s over.  They folded.

The very definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, and that’s what has been happening in our marriages.  Finally, we decided to put our processes on hold and sought the face of the Lord for new direction on this crucial, bedrock issue of the marriage covenant.  And like so many other struggles we’ve faced, we have found the war on marriage is grown out of a root issue of the misunderstanding of the Word of God and in missing the hidden treasure of grace.  We have learned that a decoding of language between men and women had to take place.  As we began to demystify the conundrum of our marriage problem, we found Him again.  Our Savior, right there beneath the surface, drawing us closer to Him through this searching.  When we find Truth anywhere, even in marriage – even in just talking, understanding, and knowing one another – we find Him, for He is Grace and Truth, personified.

Armed with these truths, what did we do?

We organized and mobilized our congregation to protest at the highest levels of state and national government.  We drew up charts that illustrated divorce rates within and outside the church, gathered scientific analysis regarding women and men and their reactions to one another during arguments, we created forums and big plastic buttons with our catch phrase prominently displayed. We created conferences and worksheets and even made up new praise and worship songs, chanting our slogans, “We will NOT….”  “We will NOT…”

Yeah, no.

We didn’t do any of that.

We genuinely, without judgment, believed our couples wanted to glorify God in their marriage and those outside who had yet to come to Christ were also good-willed people who wanted to escape those statistics.  We showed them the grace of God and bid them to come closer in fellowship, to experience the love of a good God, who is no longer dealing with man on the basis of his sins but rather the relationship of His Son.  We gave them positives – something to fight for, rather than against.  We have found a broken down, burned out people who instinctively are moving away from the political and self-righteous catch phrases as solutions to their problems and are turning to search for something real and relevant. We are showing them that there is a place in the heart of Christ for them.

That means sometimes we don’t turn away a couple who is living together outside of marriage, new to the concept of church and believing in this God of grace and mercy, as we disciple them lovingly in the Kingdom.  Messy?  Oh yes.  Not easy at all. Trusting the Holy Spirit rather than just following a set of rules and processes is never easy for our flesh. That might mean we must teach Mary that she can still capture the love and desire of her husband, Jack, if she will still show him respect in a language he can understand – even though he was unfaithful to her.  That might mean we de-code the phrases of “weaker partner” and “submission,” and reveal the strength of both the men and women who form this most serious of bonds.

It is time for the body to rethink its approach to marriage, counseling, and the sanctity of all life – believers and those who have yet to believe.  It is time for Grace and Truth, and for people to remember that our good Father will bring all men to Himself by His goodness.  In this truth, we are finally finding all the answers, and most importantly, we are finding Him.