The church today looks at “worship time” as a time to sit and listen to a choir or band play songs that invite God in to see if He will “come down” into the service and bless them.  I truly believe God wants to bless us, but I feel very strongly that God made His final act of “coming down” on the Day of Pentecost when He sent down His Spirit upon those who were ready to receive this gift.  From that time until now, what they received on that day was to be expressed “up and out” of every believer.  In Luke 17:21, Jesus said, “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  What He was saying at that point and time was that the kingdom was among them by His very presence in the earth.  When He sent His Spirit to live in each and every believer, we now have the kingdom “within” us, and we have been given the grace to express that everywhere we go.

In dealing with the subject of worship, that particular experience is now an opportunity for us to release into the atmosphere the reality of that kingdom through our time of thanksgiving.  It takes me back to the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:6-7) when there was no rain that watered the ground; but God made a mist come “up and out” of the ground to water it.  When we are in an atmosphere of true kingdom worship, it is not about God “coming down” anymore to see about His people.  It is about God’s people expressing the reality of the “spring” that is on the inside of them that comes “up and out” of their “ground,” and what they feel, or experience, is coming from the ground.  The most amazing thing about this reality is that not everyone who comes and participates in the worship time realizes the spring they may have, but they are still part of the ground.  If they are sitting next to a kingdom worshipper or in a kingdom atmosphere, they are going to get wet.  So let’s go forward with fresh understanding of our role during worship time, and allow the sweet smelling aroma from our hearts to be captured by the nostrils of our God.

-Michael Owens