Everyone faces problems, such as losing a job, becoming sick, or facing the death of a loved one. The challenge to endure or find a new direction can only come from God. The glory hidden in every kind of trouble is the fact that God wants to help us. He wants to intervene. Psalm 121:2 declares that "help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth."

Why in the face of trials do we not experience victory or receive comfort? Instead of experiencing the intervention of God, we struggle and hope we can just endure a little longer.

There is a reason why the Lord’s power is inhibited in our lives, sometimes during the most tragic times. The problem is with us. We don’t experience the turning of our situation because something in our lives is quenching the outpouring of His Spirit. It’s as if an endless reservoir of water is rushing through a pipe to irrigate a field, but it’s halted by a clogged filter. Once that filter is clean of all filth and debris, the water will gush out over the ground, nourishing the seed, and bringing forth life.

This filter is our minds. We don’t think clearly because our minds do not align with the truth of the Scriptures. We live in darkness and fool ourselves into thinking that we are living in light. We are ignorant to the fact that we are blind. Until we allow God to change our mind-sets, we will continue receiving the same results of a struggling existence. Our limited experiences and narrow world view will stunt our spiritual growth. In Romans 12:2, Paul explains we are to transform our lives by renewing our minds. Our vision of life must be so in tune with God and His Word, we should live out His precepts and promises without effort or conscious thought.