To say this past week has been “one for the record books” would really fail to describe the importance of what this season truly is in my life.  Let me just say it’s been a week I’ll never, ever forget.

We released my first book, “Living a Transformed Life.”

The response was overwhelming.  The love and support I have felt has been just truly surprising.

But the greatest, most important thing that happened was when Leesa and I watched our oldest daughter marry her fiancée this past Saturday.

I always knew it was going to be a difficult thing to do – walking her down the aisle.  There have been songs written about fathers’ sorrow in these moments, movies made about these huge events, and countless sermons given about the symbolism of the “giving away.”  I’d like to say I had some Godly wisdom or life experience that allowed me to spiritually transcend that moment, and even taking into consideration the sobering honor and privilege it was…  walking her down the aisle was the most difficult thing I have ever done as a father.

A strong voice in my life several years ago told me this:   “We’re raising mothers and wives moreso than daughters.”

This week, I’ve finally fully realized what he meant.

Handing her to another man was delivering her into her life’s purpose.  A wife and a mother is what she was created to be.  The bible says the man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife.

I am so glad it never commands the woman to do that.  Haha!  Life is moving so fast, it seems.  I am full of the joy of my life in this season, of what it means to our ministry and our family, and I want to encourage you today to enjoy life in every season you are in.  Our season has changed, and God knows the best is still yet to come.