In John chapter 9, Jesus sees a blind man from birth.  The disciples asked who sinned the blind man or his parents.  Jesus said neither, it was for the works of God to be made manifest. He then performs the miracle giving him sight.  Immediately it caused quite a disturbance because the miracle Jesus performed demanded an explaination from and for the people groups that were represented.  Here is the challenge, there was no explaination that could be given that would satisfy the bystanders. Because the only explaination given was only implied by the actions of Jesus and that was "Just because He wanted too".  Immediately, when I read this passage of scripture, the Lord reminded me of some disappointments we have experienced over the past few years. Disappointments such as a strong man of faith in our church that passed away, a baby dying, and others that really have no explaination.  

He then asked me, can you believe me for good things to happen in your life that you cannot explain.  If you dwell on losses, disappointments, or failures that you cannot explain it will keep you in a place of questioning that could lead to unbelief. 

So anticipate the wonderful unexplainable events that are going to occur  in your life just because He wants to.  There are so many "just because He wants tos" waiting for you.  It is His pleasure to give you the things of the Kingdom, if we seek first The Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all the unexplainable things will chase us down.  Why?  Just because He wants to.......