This morning I was reading a blog that I get monthly from the LARED Group regarding the marketplace place principle of DEALING WITH CONFLICT.   This was meaningful to me as I have been dealing the last week with the aftermath of firing a valued employee that has been with me, off and on for twelve years.  This event has deeply saddened me.

  As a Marketplace Minister, my daily goal is to introduce a “higher standard” into our business model, as a supplier of goods and services, as an employer, and as a customer of my suppliers.  This can be quite a challenge since while I must model Christ-like behavior and principles in my daily business, some folks neither “get  it” or “see” it.  I prayed for several weeks before letting this employee go… it was difficult on him and on me, since I care deeply about my guys.  His behavior was increasingly erratic, due, I believe to problems at home.   I committed to God I would not fire him out of anger, or frustration, but only as a last resort after many warnings.

  That day came…I have worried about him since and of course, I have to leave the door open for him to return, perhaps later on, …open  just a bit… because My Father always leaves His door open for me to change and to come back again. You see , I have treat my guys like my Father treats me, with a heart for forgiveness.  I just have to…

  - President and Founder of Kingdom Business Network, Rod Davis