As I reflect back on this past Friday’s events, I can’t help but think of how painful it must be for the families of the young children that were killed.

As we begin to know more about the mental state of the young man who committed the murders, our hearts are even more burdened with how the enemy used his disorder to harm these precious children and their caregivers.  It would be easy to just point the finger at why this happened, but the reality is, this situation is complicated.  It is reflective of the state of confusion and turmoil this nation is in.  Politically, socially, and unfortunately spiritually, the nation has been in confusion and decline, and it seems like the enemy has used these horrific situations to spin us around in circles for last several years.

The Bible says God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind.  There was a  time when there were clear voices speaking on behalf of morality or even the church, but in recent years some of these voices have become so confusing that we aren’t even sure what voice is speaking and for whom. In times like these, we see the need for true, sober spiritual leadership with a clear vision to arise within the body of Christ and, with the power of their focus, make these circles of confusion disappear – laying clear the path to a righteous destiny for the kingdom of God on the Earth.

We are in desperate need for a clear prophetic voice to speak life into this nation again - one that accurately represents Christ and who His church is within Him – her power, her security, her righteousness, mandate, and above all, her glory.  The confusing streams of our new covenant reality mixed with what seems to be obligations to an old covenant performance has caused delusion, confusion, and despair in a land where people are crying out for sanity, hope, and grace.  It has caused the bride of Christ to carry an air of hostility, politically and morally, and to cloak herself in this imaginary self-righteous garment that is turning away an entire generation and offering no solutions for the lost.

I am praying for a call that will cause the bride to turn her face to the bridegroom - for the dormant believer to awaken and accept responsibility for this nation – not just for our generation - but for the generations to come.  It’s the goodness of God that leadeth men to repent.   When we throw off this cloak of confusion and self-righteousness, this nation will begin to see the bride for Whose she is.  And it will be Him.

And He is glorious.

And He is sanity, love, and power.

And He is our King.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.