Throughout history, we as a society have been branded by the passion in our hearts. We continually see periods in history where the heart dictated how the culture would flow. From times of creativity to great despair, Eras are shaped and defined by the hearts of people.             The church has always played a major role in shaping the hearts of mankind. Whether recognized by popular culture or not, the church will always be referenced for moral conduct and action. The church throughout the world has always been a “barometer” for how society would react and flow. When pressure and struggle comes, the world looks to the church to see how to navigate. I’m thankful that God has continually given grace to church leadership to carry this weight and responsibility.  We may not always have every answer, but God has protected our posture in the midst of turmoil.

For the last few years, it seems like the bride’s involvement in society has been shifted to becoming spiritual police. We run to the scene to defend the hurting and to right the injustice. We have become the first responders. This is a vital facet of what we are as a church, but in no way the only facet. Whether we realize it or not, this has created a defensive body. We are definitely called to bring help and healing in times of need, but somewhere a long the line, defense has become our identity.  We are always anticipating the next move and how to defend against it to protect the whole.

In this season, defense is only a facet of what we are capable of not our complete identity. If we are not careful as church leaders, we will soon adopt this mindset into every area of our leadership. Instead of stating what we are for, we will begin to proclaim everything we are against. As we grow in our defense as leaders, we are creating a defensive body around us. We will cultivate people that can accurately tell you everything we don’t believe in, but not equipped to show what we do believe.

I believe this moment in history will be branded with the hearts and passion of people that accurately represent the truth of what we are for. We are not anti-divorce. We are for marriage. We do not chase down death. We magnify life. The shift takes place in the heart and mind of leadership to see that if we will proclaim everything we do believe the darkness will become obsolete. The presence of light dispels darkness. We no longer have the time or energy to sit in the midst of a darkened room and pray and fast for light to appear. It’s time to identify that there is a light switch waiting for us to turn it on.

The world is waiting for the true manifestations of the sons of God. The kingdom is at hand. Righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit have got to be the words breathed daily from lives that are transformed. When we as leaders walk into desperate situations, we have to trust that the kingdom of life we represent is stronger than our best argument. I know in my own life, if God needed someone to argue his case, there are more qualified people available. I truly believe that God is ready to express himself through willing individuals. He is longing to show the earth what the culture of heaven looks like through us. We cannot rest with the heart of man being desperately wicked. We must receive a new heart that calls out freedom to captives and peace to the broken. The only way society will ever experienced true peace and identity is when we as church leaders equip them to know what they carry.

Do we believe that God can transform lives? Do we believe that God has the power to heal the sick? Do we believe that His grace can change a world? A million times yes. God really is good. We believe these things are the very fibers of what we wake up for. This season is crying out for true believers. If we believe that God is able to begin and finish good works then I choose to believe that he means that for every single area of mankind. He longs to redeem through us. We are His ministers of reconciliation. We carry life, hope and the cure.  As leaders, I pray we begin to recognize and identify the life in the individuals we lead instead of seeing the broken darkness. Whatever we affirm will grow. If we affirm the life in an individual they will solidify that as their identity. Life begats life so soon we will see the transformation of hearts we are praying for.