By Guest Blogger, Heather Lidwell

The year 2012 was a year that drew me closer to the reality of the New Covenant, and, thanks to Pastor Kevin West and Apostle Jim Hodges, I also began to understand the importance of stepping into my role in the greater agenda of the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  Marrying these two truths has unveiled a beautiful view of what I feel is a gospel revolution that is sweeping through the world, from Singapore to London, from South Africa to Texas, and from Atlanta to Huntington, West Virginia.

While I realize I can’t live my life based upon someone else’s revelation, I also can identify dynamic moves in the Kingdom when, out of seemingly nowhere, hundreds of pastors, bloggers, lay ministers, prophets, and believers begin to move and operate in powerful revelation of grace and truth and of experiencing the Kingdom right now.  I recently heard a renown pastor tell his congregation, “I couldn’t have revealed this to you 5 years ago.  And I’ve been preaching the wrong gospel.  But the time is right.  It’s now.”

Now is 2013.  I’ve learned from Paul that making resolutions is a sure-fire way to not accomplish the thing I want to get done.  Every time I make a law for myself, it stirs up within me the desire to rebel against it.  Rather, I’ve learned to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit every day and experience the result of a gradual transformation that no man could ever teach me.

There’s no pressure here in 2013.  No resolutions.  My desire, instead, is for greater revelation which will bring right believing, and those beliefs resulting in correct decision-making and corresponding actions that are aligned with the purpose and will of the King.   Each day is an opportunity for my sphere of influence to be enriched by the Kingdom of God.  Every opportunity to speak to someone is a divine appointment for God’s grace to be revealed here in the Earth through my tongue, my hands, and my heart.

And as more and more of us begin believing and flowing in these truths, we will bring about a revival in 2013 of a gospel that is truly relevant, life changing, and attractive to a world that is in desperate need of it.  This gospel revolution sweeping through the world is going to bring a greater harvest than we’ve ever seen or heard of in our lifetimes.  Let us enjoy its arrival with open eyes and hearts, and receive the revelation that is coming through our pastors and leaders today.