When I grew up, we always incited people to clap, shout, applaud and dance whenever we would preach "against something" or "against what we believe," but very rarely did we get that excited for what we believed.

Many leaders today have come to realize that approach didn't produce disciples, but rather zealous protestors.  So, we began preaching for what we believed rather than what we were against so much.

However, when speaking on behalf of God Himself, we often still are representing so much from the view of what He stands against  rather than what He is for.

Do we really think this kind of preaching will produce something different than what we've proven doesn't work?

God said to make disciples of men, not protestors or people that will always stand against something.  In standing, we are already making a statement just by standing - against the enemy and a life full of apathy or anger.

God wants people who will stand for something.