Has anyone else been watching the new series “The Bible,” on the History channel?  Last week, we watched Abraham, the leader of his own small tribe and family go out from among his larger group of families and tribes when he heard the voice of God.  In a brutal, uncertain culture, the voice of clarity coming from the maker of the Heavens and Earth had chosen this man, Abraham, our father of faith, and made a promise that, from him, would come many nations and children as numerous as the stars.

  Yes, that was the beginning for the Jews, God’s “favorite people,” according to the story.  It’s the beginning of our story, too.  Abraham is our father of faith.  And we, even more than the Hebrew people, are the descendants of Abraham in spirit.  God has written His promises and new covenant on our heart, and we live in fellowship with Him through faith, just as Abraham did before the written law was given to Moses.

  In Hebrews 11, Paul reminds us that Abraham left, seeking a place where the foundation of the city was built and made by God.   What would such a place look like?  Would it be Phoenician in architecture?  Would it be like the Hittites’ homes?  Certainly not.  Abraham didn’t know.  He only knew that he was going into the unknown, looking for something he’d never seen before – but once he arrived, he would know it would be from his God – the One God, whom he served.

  There is a divine calling within each of us that mirrors our faith father,  Abraham, and he received this desire from His Father and maker, the One God.  We are driven to create something new and inspired by God in an unknown place where no men have ever gone before.  Think of the possibilities!  Our souls cry out for the glory of achieving something supernatural that can only be inspired from and felt by the power of God.  We long to bravely go into this unknown place with the only One who can take us there, and the rewards are gloriously entwined in deep intimacy with Him – trusting Him, letting Him lead us, building and creating to His specifications, one piece at a time.

  We will never be satisfied, truly, with the results of the church today if we continue to just do the same thing the same way we’ve always done.  We're kidding ourselves if we even think it smells, tastes, or feels like what we've experienced before.  We won't get to this new place in Him – the place He’s calling us to – if we’re sure that we know all the answers all by ourselves and can even compare it to what "has been."  He WILL call each of us out of our comfort zones to bring forth the kingdom of God, whose foundation and builder is God Himself, because we are created for nothing less.  It is our destiny, as children of Abraham.

  The next time you are challenged to think beyond what you have already learned, what you think is “safe doctrine,” or “fundamental ways” of “doing church,” remember your faith father, Abraham.  The seasons of change are blowing across the church in the world today, and we can choose to remain in our tents or listen closely to the voice of the One leading us.  It has never been more important to hear and to know where God is going today, because it is definitely somewhere other than where we are right now.