When God opens a door for us, it’s usually through a relationship with a person. Often, it is someone whom we didn’t know in the last season. Sometimes the relationship that God uses to change us is uncomfortable. He may send someone who is dependent and needy who frustrates and drains us. Yet, the Lord burdens our heart to help them. We may reach out to someone who resists our help and even angers us, but we just cannot turn our back on them.  This pushes us in a definite direction and initiates a new season. It may also open a new period for the other person as well.

There’s nothing wrong with asking God to clarify His reason for bringing a new person into our life. We may ask Him, “Why are we together?” or “What am I to learn in this relationship?” or “How am I to help this person?”

It is worthwhile to ask God to help us understand our present season. The more we know about His purpose and direction, the less we will resist His will. Without this kind of wisdom we will waste our energy and time chasing after what is frivolous and separate from God.