I heard a message this morning from a pastor friend of mine that caused me to think.  He was speaking on operating in the area of Grace on your life that causes you to excel.  I began to think about how practically this looks and operates in a persons life.  I have concluded the following (Not an exhaustive list by any means) 1.  Make sure you surround yourself with people that aren't needy that speak into you.  If the major voices are disconnected from kingdom reality and are people that you do not have a lot of confidence in spiritually, then why listen to them when they tell you about yourself and your call.  (They are sincere but do not have momentum in their own lives)

2.  Watch for the Peters in your life.  Peter said to Jesus, "you aren't going to the cross".  Sometimes people love you so much, that they love your current role and function because it "seems right" and they benefit a lot because your in that role.  Without discernment, they will "encourage" you to stay put  and your life will continue to pass by.  (They are sincere but lack personal discernment and wisdom to see the big kingdom picture)

3.  What is the deep hidden dream that you have on the inside that supersedes all other dreams and visions?  What ingredients were instilled as a child, teenager, and then adult life that has prepared you for that dream to come to pass. God orders your steps even as a child to prepare you for that "specific assignment"?

4.  What relationships are in your life that are kingdom initiated that you do not have to work hard for and are organic and natural?  What role do those people play in your life?  What function do they hold in the body of christ?  If you find yourself connected effortlessly with Pastors then maybe pastoral is a grace on your life.  If you find yourself with business owners naturally, then perhaps business owner is the grace.

5.  Have a proper assessment on that grace.  Be careful not to be deceived in thinking you are graced for everything.  You might be able to function in roles, however, wherever you produce the most fruit that remains and multiplies is a good indicator of the grace on your life.

6.  God will open the door for what you are graced to do.  It will be initiated by him.  The initiation of it is effortless but to stretch toward it requires you to first proclaim it and acknowledge it regardless what people think or say. Secondly, it requires you to release and leave somethings behind, and thirdly, requires a tremendous risk.

7.  God will speak to you and confirm over and over by several voices confirming His grace on your life and it will cause a butterfly feeling mixed with excitement and anticipation of the unknown.  Thats when you must begin releasing the functions you currently have and be sure not to squat in an area you are not graced for and somebody is.  It is necessary for promotion in the kingdom because if you don't move into the next level of your grace then somebody else is being held back in theirs.