Recently a good friend of mine shared a book he read.  After reading it, I would like to share the bullets of wisdom that are so rich in this book.  Attacking pride will avoid the heart from becoming hardened in relationships1.  The toughest part of apologizing is realizing and admitting that you were wrong

2.  At the core of most problems is a truth you don't want to face

3.  It begins with surrender and ends with integrity

4.  One minute of being honest with yourself is worth more than days, months, or years of self-deception

5.  The longer you wait to apologize, the sooner your weakness is perceived as wickedness

6.  Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others, and integrity is living that truth

7.  The legacy you leave is the one you live

8.  Without a change in behavior, just saying "i'm sorry" is not enough

9.  Apologize not for the outcome but because you know you were wrong and it's the right thing to do

10.  The best way to apologize to someone you have harmed is to tell them you made a mistake, you feel badly about it, and how you will change your behavior

11.  People with humility don't think less of themselves, they just think about themselves less

12.  When you honestly express your feelings with someone you care about you show respect for yourself and the relationship

These humble approaches to life will help build and sustain long healthy relationships.