Many Christians believe that the

only difference between

the Old Testament

and the New

is one

blank page

in the Bible."

- Andrew Wommack

The separation of these two parts of the Bible is key to unlocking part of the mystery, of seeing the grand fulfillment of The Story.  It’s not just a curtain for intermission.  It’s the pinnacle.  Can you hear the tympani drums in the orchestra pit surging and the lights dimming as Malachi finishes?  Darkness swells as the audience of the ages is hushed.  We are suddenly stirring ourselves out of our saddened fog, having watched the fall of man, the jealous God, and the wandering children of Israel go through their moments of triumph and tragedy.

And we have no Savior.

We arrive at Bethlehem as the book of Matthew opens, drawing from a lineage that links us to the past, but that is the only similarity.

You can hear a pin drop because He is coming.

The Hero of The Story.

Every "begat," every chapter, every tear, every war cry, every jubilant dance – it’s all led up to this moment and this man.

And He changes everything.

The world, life, every human heart, every soul – nature itself – relates its existence in a different way since the day Jesus was born.  It is simply impossible to understand the life He came to give us unless you understand this principle.  The Old Testament was reflective and relative to a world without a redeemer.  Without our Hero.  Without the King.

When you hear passages of God’s reaction to the people, to the people’s actions and rules He gives, their way of doing things, God’s response - this entire way He relates to His people - emotions, spiritual battles, the way the Holy Spirit moved on the earth – when you hear all these concepts in the Old Testament, you must remember this was all before Jesus came.  Tithing, reaping, sowing, sacrifices, Sabbath, feast days, festivals, temples, talit, Torah, Ten Commandments, Wrath of God…  Contrast this with what Jesus came to bring and fulfill. They are all beautiful secrets for us to uncover - shadows of things yet to be illuminated by our Savior.  All of these things were meant to bring us to a point of realization as we face our Lord - our Hero - and suddenly realize it is He!

If it’s all the same, what did Jesus’s coming really change?

Beloved, do not miss out on the whole point of this journey through the Bible.  Let your heart be swept away and up into The Story that was written as a love letter to you.  Dare to believe in the Hero.

The blank page isn’t just an intermission so you can pause for a coffee break before going on to Matthew.

It’s a clear, distinct separation from what was to the new reality, the new glory and wonder of our Hero.

Read it again.