Jude 1:2 – Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied.  Hebrews 6:14 – Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.

Mercy, peace, love, blessing, and… multiplication.

After a few months of marriage, the question is always posed, usually by a well-meaning relative with a twinkle in his eye, “So, when are you going to start expecting?”  It’s the most natural progression in life to attraction, to love, and then commitment.  First comes love, then comes marriage. 
Then comes daddy with the baby carriage.  Right?

All throughout scripture, the twinkle in God’s eye has been expressed over and over again.  “When are you going to increase My family?”  Multiply.  Come together.  Produce life!  It’s what I created you for, and it is the expression of Who I am. 

Instead of producing life and being mothers and fathers, the church today has decided to sit back comfortably in the pews, watching as pastors and leaders give birth over and over again, only to applaud and give their well wishes to the proud new parent.  Birthing something, after all, is a pretty hefty commitment.

Leaders are only meant to be the midwives for the birthing process.  It’s the believers, the followers, that are supposed to be mothers and fathers – not foster parents, aunts, uncles, or just bystanders.   The believers themselves were meant to birth visions, to birth souls, to birth dreams and projects, to birth the Kingdom of God here on earth.  Leaders, you were never meant to entertain a massive gathering of onlookers with your own “babies.”  You were meant to guide believers in the birthing process, renewing their minds focus on the seed that lies in their spiritual wombs until quickened by the Holy Spirit, and life is created! 

True life that is birthed can never be sustained by one person’s enthusiasm, no matter how magnanimous or charismatic the leader may be.  We need real fathers and mothers, nurturers, guiders, to raise up in the church, use their faith and birth their visions.  Real fathers and mothers will watch over the life they create with love, with the passion and patience of parents, and God will bless their multiplication. 

Leaders, if we will shift into the midwife role and guide the believers that are looking to us for guidance, we will indeed see powerful, Spirit-led multiplication and responsibility in our churches.

Believers, if you will step out of the shadows and listen to the Spirit, He will quicken the seed inside you and bring forth new life.  This new life is what you were created for, and it is much more important than sitting back and “watching church happen.”  So… when are you going to start expecting?

Mercy, peace, love, blessing and multiplication to all of you.  Let the Kingdom come!