Republished from an earlier post, due to a technical error.

How many times have you heard the pleading and groaning of those praying, begging God to move on their behalf?  I don't ever remember Jesus praying in this fashion, other than the single instant when He was bearing the weight of the world's sin in the garden of Gethsemane, which ultimately ended the same way He had taught His disciples to pray - "Thy will be done."  Doesn't it always end that way?

When earth comes into agreement with heaven, the answers - those tangible, needed, sought after answers - manifest from heaven.

Too long I've tried to convince heaven to do something or release something.  But the will of God is already known.  Jesus said it like this, "Thy will be done as it is in heaven."  So God's will really isn't a mystery anymore, is it?  The Bible and the Word Himself have clearly shown us what God's will is - to heal, to prosper, to deliver, to reconcile, and so much more.  Yea and amen are all His promises.

We just need to discover heaven's agenda and then agree - here, in the earth - and when these two agree, we can walk together, as the Prophet Amos said.