The following is from guest blogger, Pastor Ronnie Stewart, Youth Pastor at Christ Temple Church.

Are you desperate for a breakthrough?  Are you in need of hearing God's voice providing some clear direction for your life?  In one way or another, we are all in need of these things.  But what happens when these things come in a different form than what we are used to?

When we are seeking, we many times have some preconceived notions as to the type of person or people that might be used by God to minister to us in that way.

Close your eyes, and imagine the type of minister you think the Lord would typically send to minister these important words of direction to you.

Were they a certain age or gender?  Did they come from a certain denomination, or attend a certain size church?

The truth is the Lord has never let us become too comfortable in our assessments of who He will choose to work through (donkeys) or group of people He will choose to move in (gentiles).  This hasn't stopped us, however, from constantly and comically trying to draw clear lines and boundaries for God to work in.  In fact, for a long time in the body of Christ, it seems that we have shelved discernment altogether as we become more and more convinced of our ideas of who should minister what and where, and sent everyone to their respective corners, clearly labeled.

The folly of this way of thinking is becoming increasingly exposed as ineffective leadership at best.  We are going to find in this season that the Lord is breaking down the walls between the church and His kingdom.  He will reach a diverse world with a diverse army of love.  In this hour, discernment of a right spirit in someone, beyond any surface judgment or preconceived notion is absolutely essential to walking in the fullness of His plan.

Today, don't shut down.  Lift your head up and see the provision of the Lord coming from a place that you did not expect.  Only then can we progress as a body.  Only then can we become that which is relevant and effective in changing the culture of the world we live in.