Today, I spoke with a lady who said she was feeling like she was in a rut.  Some things had happened recently in her family that caused her to mentally regress.  She kept saying over and over, “I wish I was the person I was five years ago.”   I thought about what she said for few moments.

What she really was saying was, “I really don’t want to be in this place any longer.  I am willing go back five years to avoid all this pain and redo this differently.”

I think many are right where she is, now, in this same place.

You know, no matter how bad it is right now, it would be really worse to go back five years to the “good ol’ days.”   With the eyes of faith, we can see the ability of God to make the next five years some of our best.

When we begin to think the best days are behind us, even though we might have personally caused our current circumstances, we are buying into the belief that God is not able or willing to redeem, rebuild, and restore the joy of our salvation.

Be encouraged today.  Your best days are yet to come.  They are not behind you.  The worst thing you can do is try to recreate the years that have already passed, mourning the loss over what you think today should be.

Instead, trust God to begin new memories, a new outlook, greater maturity, creative strategies, fresh revelations, rekindled relationships, and a newly invigorated passion for God and for the life He has given you.