I had an incredible opportunity right after I finished high school to sit under the leadership of a highly respected and award winning session leader and music producer. He taught me everything I know today about music, studio work as well as taught me invaluable leadership skills.One day we began a session and he told me to pay attention to something. He handed out the charts and explained briefly the groove of the song then looked at the musicians and gave directions by simply stating "Hey create something right there". We walked into the control room afterwards where the musicians couldn't hear and he explained something to me. He said "I could have easily told them exactly what to play note for note and that's what they would have done and it would probably turn a good album. The reason I don't is because I know what is assembled in there and trust that the moment I release their creativity it will turn an award winning album. If I start trying to control what they bring they will shut down and only give the bare minimum of what they're capable of, but if I allow them to flow with one another it releases greatness that no one can manufacture. My job is to facilitate and assemble them together".

From that conversation I viewed that whole day with new eyes as I watched those musicians create with confidence and trust in one another and in their producer. A principle in my life that was gleaned that day is my ability to handle greatness that is entrusted to my care. The people God trusts us to lead deserve a leader that does not struggle with insecurity that manifests through creating a controlling atmosphere where no one can breathe, but instead a secure leader that creates a place of safety to dream big and run with passion. The difference between producing something good and something award winning is the leaders ability to assemble the right pieces then release them to do what they are called to do without trying to manipulate and control them. The release is the key. Even if the people assembled are perfect the grip of the leader determines their ability regardless of their capabilities. Stephanie Scragg Worship Pastor Christ Temple Church 2400 Johnstown Road Huntington, WV  25701 304-525-2400 304-781-6737- Direct 304-208-4100- Cell sscragg@ctcwv.net