Greetings! Welcome to the KWM Newsletter! We’re extremely excited about the direction in which God is leading and moving us in this amazing season. We’re hoping this newsletter will serve to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on in our ministry as well as other ministries connected to KWM, so check your mailbox!  We will probably pop in from time to time. First of all, we want to tell you about all the incredible media opportunities that have picked up KWM!  Listed below are the outlets you can hear all the different shows that KWM produces:

WALKFM 91.1-         Real Life with Kevin West-7AM & 3PM

IGNITE 92.3 -            Real Life with Kevin West-12PM, 3PM, 7PM;  Real Life Radio-M-F 5:45PM-6PM

WEMM 107.9-           Real Life Radio-M-F 10AM-10:15AM; Real Life with Kevin West- 5:55AM & 6:55PM;  Real Life Radio-10AM

DAWG 93.7-              Sundays

SuperTALK 94.1        Morning Shift-9AM-10AM

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All of the media outlets above have opened up multiple ministry doors for our team to minister in these different cities. We constantly receive calls about how these shows are encouraging people and changing their lives – real changes in lives that may have never experienced the power of the gospel or heard the good news.

Next, we want to tell you all about the increased demand for “The Awakening.” If you have been to one of these services in Huntington, you will understand that these events are impacting the area and creating a stir in the atmosphere, so much so that we have been meeting and planning with other visionaries, not only holding more of them in the city of Huntington, but also in Ironton, Louisa, Prestonsburg, and even down into parts of North Carolina! We will keep everyone updated regarding times and locations through the newsletter and website (  Right now, the next “Awakening” events are April 4th & 26th  7PM at the WOWK Building (Kindred Capital Building).  Mark your calendar.  We’d love to see you at these services!

Finally, we want to share what has happened and outline where we’re going.  We are actively pressing these matters in prayer and walking them out with wisdom. My tenure as executive pastor at Christ Temple Church has just now come to an end.  What a wonderful season it has been.  Because the ministry opportunities I had been receiving from different people and places were quickly overwhelming my duties in my role at CTC,  Pastor Chuck and I decided it would be best for me to launch out into the ministry  wholeheartedly with their prayers and support!  As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited about this new season.

We have been meeting with those who share our vision and receiving wise counsel about the direction of our ministry network. We’ve been entrusted with a wellspring of knowledge, connections, and vision that we do not want to take lightly, but actively pursue what God is speaking into us. We ask you to join with us in prayer as we begin framing and defining the next step of this journey God is awakening within us. This summer is going to be quite busy, launching new productions with a new frame of mind, to prepare for what we hear God is telling us to launch into, in the fall of 2013.  We intend to keep everyone updated and clear on this new direction and the exciting awakening God has placed within us. We can’t deny the amazing favor and anointing he has placed on our lives, and we are driven daily to unlock the destiny that lies in every single individual we come in contact with.

So listen.  Come!  Interact with us on the web.  Be awakened to what God is doing in the atmosphere in this new season with us!

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Kevin West