Ever feel like you have taken a big step forward only to find yourself moving two steps backward? That cycle breeds a sense of discouragement if it is repeated to much. I am coming to realize there is an extreme battle going on in each individual as well as corporately in the Body of Christ. It is the battle between law and grace or put another way flesh and spirit. It's the tendancy for us try to use our human efforts to please God and receive things from God. No one really is exempt from this battle, and in my mind, proves to be the foundation of which all "abundant life" is lived or "death" is experienced.

Grace is the precise manifestation of favor in which you are changed. It is not loose or reckless and even requires a greater level of responsibility than the law of the old testament. It creates the atmosphere in which favor fills a person that empowers us to be like Christ. If we want to change our behavior we must change what we believe. Out of the change of belief will automatically change your behavior.

At the core of most problems is a truth we don't want to face. Let's explore this more in fully in the weeks ahead.......