Too often, we spend so much energy looking for the perfect place.  Heaven on earth.  Whether it's beaches and palm trees, snow-capped peaks, the right home, the right job, the perfect situation – we’re often looking for that “something better” that always seems just around the corner but never arrives.

Somewhere along the way, we must begin to live like heaven in earth as much as heaven on earth!  "Christ in you the hope of glory,” (Col. 1:27)

The body of Christ is slowly making the shift from looking the right situation, creating heaven on earth or just dying and going to heaven, to realizing heaven itself coming to earth through Christ.

Soon, we are going to hear a message being consistently preached in the church that is radically different than what has been given for centuries, but it is exactly what Jesus taught and wanted to see manifested for us.  This message is the reality of His Spirit in us today. It's nothing new – it’s just fresh to those that have an external approach in worship, with church, and relationships.

So make the shift today inside your mind. Become aware of Christ in you, and allow the reality of the kingdom of God to become glory… realized, rather than only hoped for.