As I was talking to a man today, he said he was going to be glad when Jesus comes back because things seem to be just getting worse and worse in the world. I explained that I am also looking for the blessed hope, but standing around and waiting for His second coming isn’t what we’re supposed  to be doing. Jesus Himself said to make disciples, to be fruitful and multiply. While we gaze for a quick escape from this world, and when all of creation is groaning, stop and listen!   His creation is not groaning for us to be taken out of here - even though that certainly will happen one day - but for us to stay and mature into the sons and daughters of God so we can exist in this awesome creation the way we were created to exist.  It's time to awaken, arise, and apprehend the kingdom!

It starts with you.  It starts with me.  It is never too late to be transformed so that this creation – our world – what God has given us along with this marvelous responsibility of apprehending the kingdom of God today can happen!

You can find out more at and by reading my new book, “Living a Transformed Life.”  Take a look at what the Ironton Tribune wrote about its release just today.