I have observed that people often misunderstand the gospel of Grace, thinking that it is a theological concept, a principle, rather than what it really is.  Grace is a person, and His name is Jesus Christ.  Grace is perfect theology.

People get messed up, however, because they think that Grace gives us permission to live a sinful life.  That’s not what Grace does, though.  Grace does the exact opposite.  It motivates, empowers and qualifies us to bring the culture and civilization of Heaven here to Earth.  That is our assignment, our commission, our quest.

If we refuse to do that, perhaps because our doctrine fails to motivate us, poorly equips us, or falsely disqualifies us, the people around us are going to become ill without someone there to lay hands on them, they will die before their time without someone there to raise them, they will be afflicted by spiritual forces without someone there to cast them out, they will spend eternity in Hell without someone there to lead them into the Kingdom of God.

Compared to Heaven, we all have to agree that the Earth is a pretty uncivilized and uncultured place.  It is our ministry, our privilege and our honor to bring Heaven’s civilization and culture to the Earth, and it is Grace that equips, empowers and qualifies us to do so.