As a young man, Joseph was highly favored of his father.  So favored that his father made him a coat of many colors.  This is an example to us just how much our heavenly father loves us.  The coat of many colors represents not just one color or one source.  Favor comes in many colors, avenues, and sources.  God has so many promises and privileges woven together for us that it would blow our minds if we knew just how favored we are.  Often times we think that our promise can come only in the ways we can see or anticipate.  I believe that God has so many sources and avenues that we should not limit his favor into a particular venue that fits our preferred way (color). Can you trust today that God is weaving together a coat for you and your family that consists of so many varieties and diversities, so many avenues and people, so many doorways and portals?  Can you  anticipate He himself is orchestrating a beautiful coat that when you see it on you, what will be visible to see is that only He could have put it together?  He has the master plan and you get to wear it, experience it, and enjoy it, just because He loves you.

Now that's FAVOR!!!