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Divine Visitation


As I reflect back and see many opportunities in my life and others’ lives, I think about how God brings people and opportunity together.  Unfortunately, many miss these moments because they focus on the wrong things rather than the right things.

I knew a CEO of a mid-sized company that hit a wall for several years.  He began to realize, after much convincing, that things fundamentally needed to change in the company.  In a divine visitation, God began to bring certain levels of expertise across his path, and although those people weren’t perfect, the landscape of the business unfolded, and it was apparent that God was revealing the solution for the change the company had needed for so long.

Initially, passion was so high that it attracted others that were equally as passionate.  However, it didn’t take long for that passion to wane after repeatedly hitting resistance against an established culture that had already contributed to a decline in morale and growth over the years.

After much effort, pressing in, and trying to implement these new changes, it was clear that, even after God’s intervention, the new culture was not going to be received.  Quite the contrary happened, and these change-bringers actually became a part of the problem, and in some eyes, the main problem.  Eventually, other opportunities came along, and the people with their expertise left the company for more receptive situations.

Today, that company still exists.  In the eyes of most, it is a successful, mid-sized company.  Unfortunately, it has never realized its potential and probably never will as many talented, gifted leaders and managers have come through the door to offer great opportunities only to be rejected by the culture.

The parallel is like Jesus coming to His own, and His own receiving him not.  Let me encourage you today - do not miss the day of your divine visitation.  You might be rejecting the very life-changing, elevating solution you prayed for.

Self-Denial or Denial of Self?

Self-denial is when you rely on yourself and your credibility and attempt to carry something out in the power of your "self." "Denial of self" is when you realize your "self" will be used to carry out an assignment, but you know the reality is that it's the credibility of God and His Holy Spirit that will be your reliance.

Moses was called of God to deliver the children of Israel out of Pharaoh's tyranny.  Moses asked God, "Whom do I tell them that is sending me?"  Moses began to see how his own credibility would be called into question.  After all, he was known for killing a man and had a past that didn't really line up with the qualifications he thought he needed to fulfill that call.  This reminds me of many of us today.  God calls us for an assignment that He desires to be fulfilled, and then we begin to examine "self" and disqualify ourselves because of our past, because lack of education, lack of experience, bankruptcy, divorce, and the list goes on an on.  Believing this lie of disqualification causes a deception of trying to fulfill a call and an assignment  in our "self."  When we try to evaluate self to fulfill a call, we make the mistake of  relying on "self" to  carry out the assignment.  God's response to Moses was this:  "Clearly tell them I AM hath sent you."  In others words, I will use your "self" but I - God, the great I AM - will carry it out.  

Thats the authority and power He refers to when He says, "Go in My name."

So, when we receive a call, the first thing we have to realize is that it's God's credibility and reputation we are going to operate in.  Secondly, "self" will be used, but will not be the source of the power to carry it out.

So, what are you operating in?

Self-denial or denial of self?