I have been thinking today of how impotent the church sometimes appears.  Is it really our responsibility to react to the darkness we see around us or should we rather respond to the truth within us?

I see people needing healings and miracles all over the place, and it seems that we have to explain ourselves over and over again on why it’s not working as effectively as it did during the days of Jesus’ earthly ministry.

If Jesus was still here in the flesh, walking the earth the same way he did 2000 years ago, we would have so much excitement trying to get Jesus to visit our family member or our loved one to perform the miracle they need simply because we have the faith and confidence that Jesus could and would do it.

What if we could have the same confidence in His Body as we had in His earthly ministry?  See, I am feeling the desire to YELL OUT that the kingdom is not going to be established if we, the Body, do not begin to assume the role and responsibility of Christ’s authority on the earth.

I recently performed a funeral and wedding ceremony both on the same day.  I thought to myself, I wish Jesus would just come here and do this Himself, but since I am His representative, it is my responsibility to officiate these services and do this in His stead.

So, with the acceptance of these duties to perform things like weddings and funerals in His stead, why is that when we are faced with a person needing a healing or miracle, we begin immediately to shift our thinking?  We act as if we feel we must plead and beg God, (but call it faith) and only then will He will hear us and answer our prayer.

I am reminded that God has given us all power by His Spirit, and, in the name of Jesus Chris of Nazareth, we are His representatives to say, “Such as I have, I give you.”

These ideals must shift - this impotence of the church and this abdicating of our responsibility to execute the Kingdom power in the earth.  It must begin with each and all of us functioning in His power and leaving the explanations, excuses, and arguments at the feet of those wondering what just happened.