In Acts chapter 12, Peter was in prison awaiting trial because of the stirring he and the disciples had created preaching and demonstrating the kingdom.  While he was in prison, Mary was having an extensive all-night prayer meeting for Peter and some others.  The angel of the Lord came and freed Peter.  Peter, a free man, then simply walked to the prayer meeting.  As Peter knocked on the door, Rhoda answered and was startled by Peter and then ran to tell the others.  Naturally, they thought she was out of her mind! It occurred to me while reading this that oftentimes we pray prayers and then do not discern the Lord's answer to those prayers, even when they're staring straight at us - or literally "knocking on our doors."  How often do we continue to pray for the Big Things while God is answering prayers all around us?  Be careful not to allow the big issues of life to eclipse the smaller victories that God is bringing us.

I am sensing that, while the kingdom is on the increase and we are steadfastly doing what we're called to do, we are going to experience an accelerated season of answered prayers. Get ready!  What you are praying for is going to come - quickly.  Watch, pray, discern, and be thankful.  God is moving in this generation like never before.