In Exodus, I see that God wasn’t making a route of escape for the Israelites, but a path for His purpose to be fulfilled.  He made a short cut through the Red Sea (short cut to redeem the time.)  The Red Sea fell in on the Egyptians because they were not a part of the purpose.  God knew all along He would not allow the Egyptians to capture Israel.  It was the older Israelites that had the perspective that they were running away from something that had to die out!  The younger ones had the mindset that they were God’s people, not escaped slaves!  God wants us to be running towards the finish line, not escaping hell, the devil, or the temptations of this world.  So in short, when we’re following the cloud of the Spirit, we might see the enemy, but we must look toward the high calling and know the enemy can’t get us.  As we cross the barriers that God has taken down, He puts them back up so nothing can hinder us!  It’s our own perspective that hinders us and kills us. 


-Sheryl Salyers