There are millions of people not connected to the life-giving flood of mercy that Jesus brings. God’s answer for them is right in their midst, but they do not receive it.

They live outside the kingdom of heaven.

It is helpful to understand that two spiritual forces are at work. The government of darkness is void of God’s leadership. In this case, Man is in charge and acting from a state of darkness which invariably leads to failure. In contrast, God’s government, called the kingdom of heaven, operates from divine principles. The Lord is the ruler, releasing His power and wisdom to His people.

When Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God they lost dominion over their surroundings and themselves. Their circumstances, fleshly appetites, and the earth’s elements now controlled them (Genesis 3:16-19). Therefore, they lacked everything they needed to reign over the earth.

Because of their rebellion, man is now subject to his daily trials. Instead of having dominion over the earth, the earth and all its elements now have dominion over us.

However, our separation from God through sin does not change God’s plan. He still wants to draw us into a relationship with Him and to establish His kingdom here on earth. Jesus, God in the flesh, came to us to declare that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He has bound the thief and is here to return to us every spiritual blessing which was lost due to Adam’s and Eve’s rebellion.

The ministry of Jesus was more than miracles and healings. All these works were the outpouring of the kingdom of heaven. Every sign and wonder was a declaration of what God was bringing to pass. His plan to restore His relationship with mankind and to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth prompted the heavenly chorus of angels to praise God. They shouted, “Peace on Earth and good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).

Many ignore God’s calling and seek substitutes to right themselves and escape their state of alienation. But it never works. Drugs, or alcohol, a religion of self, or any human pursuit cannot fulfill the deep needs of anyone. To these people, Jesus proclaims the kingdom of heaven is available right now for them.

We all must decide how we wish to live. We either stumble about blindly in darkness or we embrace the abundant life that Jesus is offering.

-Kevin West