There was a blind man that was blind from birth.  Jesus and his disciples passed by him and Jesus saw his condition and healed is sight, John chapter 9.  What is puzzling in this story is the young man wasn't looking for it and didn't even know Jesus was the Christ.   Now this blows some theology out of the water when discussing faith and receiving healing and deliverance.  The disciples, the family, and the religious group in that day were amazed and perplexed at how all this took place.

The real question I have been asking myself, is do I really believe that God's goodness and compassion is more powerful than my unbelief?  The only one that had faith in that story that I have been able to find is Jesus.  Can we really believe that Jesus' faith is more powerful than us.

That man experienced an unexpected and unexplainable miracle that could only point to Jesus.  I want to encourage you today, begin to look for unexpected unexplainable miracles in your life.  Not because your good enough to receive them, or even that your deserve it because of your faith.  Just because He is good and He desires to free you, bless you and sustain you.......Why,  just because of WHO HE IS!!!!!