God has been showing me over the last year or so just how incredible he really is. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I had always heard just how loving and merciful God really is, but until I actually experienced it first hand, it never clicked until now.

I have found out that there is an alarming statistic in Christianity today, and it’s the fact that most Christians see God as a God that is ready to judge and condemn you the moment you fall. Where is grace in that? To be honest, I used to be the same way. I used to be the very one that would “Scare” people into salvation. Do this or you’re going to hell, mess up and you’re going to hell. Don’t get me wrong, I believe hell is an absolute truth, but sometimes we focus so much on hell that we forget about Grace.

I recently had the honor of speaking a message called “How you perceive his face, is how you will receive his grace”. It’s a very simple title yet incredibly powerful. It’s packed with truth. We can see the glory of God in the face of Jesus.

Let me explain, 2nd Cor. 4:6 says “ For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” Here it talks about seeing the glory of God in the Face of Jesus. I am convinced that if we, as Christians, could see the face of Jesus properly it would change everything. It would change the way we live, love, act, if we could see the face of Jesus properly?

Recently God has been speaking to me to tell the body that he is NOT mad at them. Why would God call us sons, and daughters, yet treat us like slaves? He wouldn’t! That’s not the kind of father we have.  He’s not out to condemn you, he’s not waiting for you to fall so he can push you on down, he’s not frowning on you, even if you don’t believe it, he is pleased with you.

Don’t believe me? Okay let me ask you something. The bible says that if we are saved then we are hidden in Christ, right? Okay so if we are hidden in Christ, when God looks at us he see’s Jesus, yea? Okay so ask yourself this, has God ever been mad at Jesus? NO! He hasn’t!

The divorce rate of relationships within the church are just as high as relationships that are not. Why? Because we can’t properly see the face of Jesus for who he really is.

Matthew 9:18 is a very common story. A woman that has had an issue of blood for 12 years touches the hymn of Jesus garment and she’s made whole, but the bible says that Jesus turned around. That’s powerful because he wanted the woman to look her in the face and see the love that he was showing.

Point 2 of the story, Jesus turned to her and said “Daughter, be of good cheer, thy faith has made thee whole” I want you to notice the picture of grace here. Let me first go back and tell you that the mosaic law states that the woman, being unclean, if found in the city was punishable by stoning, BUT IF a parent of the unclean come into the scene and take ownership of their child then they take on the wrath that should’ve been hers. So, with that in mind, lets get back to the point. Jesus turns to her and says “Daughter be of good cheer” notice he calls her “Daughter” so in that moment he takes ownership of her, and he instantly takes all of the wrath that could’ve, and should’ve been hers, upon himself.

This is what God is showing me lately, this is what I am striving to show the world, that God is turning and calling us “Daughter” “Son” I’m not mad at you. I love you with an unconditional amount of love. Nothing you can do can change my mind about you. Remember this God is wanting to take all of the wrath, all of the mess, all of the lack and want, that we have gotten ourselves into, from us. We don’t have to carry this thing any longer. There is freedom. There is more. There is love. It is God.


-BJ Blackburn