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Colossians 3:23

Amplified Bible (AMP)

23 Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men,

  Sometimes when we read a story we miss things the first few times, even some things that are obvious and some that aren’t mentioned but implied.  In (Mark 14) when the woman came just a few days before Jesus was to be hung on the cross she brought an offering of a fairly large amount and poured it upon the king of kings.  It was for his burial.  She brought an offering of her past life.  Most scholars agree that it was about a year’s wage.  We read this and pass over quickly without ever realizing the price that was paid for the contents of the alabaster box.  Needless to say, it was expensive, extravagant, and not a tithe.  The offering she gave was something that was not requested or required.  Nowhere in the bible does God require this from us.  We are however required to give our reasonable service (Romans 12:1).  She went above and beyond so much so that Jesus said she would be remembered for this event.

What if we as a body of believers could come to the understanding that we can live our lives as an offering unto the Lord.  We go to church as unto the Lord, visit hospitals as unto the Lord, maybe even conduct our homes as unto the Lord.  What if we separated the veil between us and them and began to live every aspect of our lives as unto the Lord.  We go to work, the DMV, the grocery store walking with the heart of a forgiven harlot not interested in why or what; only knowing that we must find Jesus and thank him, love him, worship him somehow.  Our places of employment and all those we serve would notice the difference.   All those that our lives touch there would be a lingering presence of the Holy Spirit resting on the offering because of the praise and worship  that was given and the heart behind it.

Back to Simon’s house and the parts that aren’t mentioned in the bible, but God has impressed upon my heart.  We all know what is like to be around a very strong smell good or bad; it kind of stays with you.  Imagine a whole bottle of perfume with oil being poured out on your head and feet soaking into your clothes; in your hair running down dripping to the ground.  Just a few days after this while the disciples were in the upper room in the confined space as Jesus bent down to wash the disciple’s feet, as he bent his head, the smell still hanging in his hair.  In the garden when Judas leaned in and kissed Jesus, he smells the odor of the offering.   When they took him to the High Priest as he stood before them the room was filling with the heavenly smell of the desert flower and oil.  

Then as they drug him before Pilate and he was sentenced to be beaten and scourged.  All the Roman soldiers that beat him and whipped him the smell of this offering was being transferred onto the very hands that were hurting him. Then taken back to Pilate and sent to the cross as he walked up the road through the streets beaten he emanated the offering of a harlot given just days before in the house of a man who was a leaper.  Then at the cross after they nailed him to it; they cast lots for his garment covered in the smell of this offering, and after they divided it, each man carrying a portion of it with him as he left.  When Jesus gave up his life and died, as they carried him to the tomb to bury him, while they prepared his body, the smell was still there taking them all back to the day that this woman gave her offering filling the tomb as they lay him in it just like it did the room and Simon’s house unable to escape the smell as it saturated their clothes.

We can learn to live our lives in such a way that our offerings will continue to preach the love of Christ even after we our gone.  God will honor it just like he honored the harlot’s offering.  Everyone that had contact with Jesus knew the smell but not necessarily who gave it.  Living this way will bring in those that are afraid, disenfranchised, angry, hurt, unworthy, and broken.  The smell of an offering of love will bring those hungry for it. 

-Pastor Richie Shultz

Lick Creek Community Church

Madison, WV